Monday, February 27, 2017

110 Dryer For Sale

110 Dryer For Sale
110 Dryer for sale Panda Portable Compact Dryer Fabrics Apartment stainless Steel Drum See Through Window8.8lbs Capacity / 2.65 cu.ft PAN40SF

Panda Compact Ring, this compact dryer with a fabric capacity of 8.8lbs / 2.65 cu.ft create a perfect coordination with washers Panda, and every other compact washing machine.

Can be mounted anywhere. See-through windows, and stainless steel drum. Since then 110 dryers for sale, it may take longer to dry than usual 220v dryer.


1. It is ideal for mounting on a wall. Wall mounting kit included.

2. Buy a dryer vent in the room, where you can find several retail stores.

3. Being able to carry around, weighing only 44lbs, it is as easy as opening a window.

4. Emerging warm air, it is fine if left in the room in winter.

Main feature 110 Dryer for sale:

Brand: Panda
Model: PAN40SF (Size Apartment)
120V / 60H
/2.65cu.ft 8.8lbs capacity.
Power Source: 110V - 120V / 50HZ - 60HZ
Rated Input: 1400W / 800W
stainless steel tub
4 options dryer temperature
Wall mounting bracket included
Removable lint filter included
Unit Dimensions (W * D * H): 23.62 "x 17.12" x 27.56 "
Master Carton Dimensions (W * D * H): 25.60 "x 18.11" x 29.33 "
Unit Weight: 44lbs
Master Carton Weight: 48.4lb

This Panda portable Compact Dryer Fabrics Apartment 110 Dryer for sale stainless Steel Drum See Through Window8.8lbs Capacity / 2.65 cu.ft PAN40SF are highly valued items.

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